Helping the police to create the face of a criminal

Identifying offenders using EvoFIT facial composites

The future of facial composites

EvoFIT is an award-winning system for constructing facial composites of offenders by witnesses and victims of crime. It is being used with great success by police forces in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and overseas.

The animation illustrates our desktop application and the online (web) system (click the maximise icon in the animation window to display it in full screen).

This “recognition” system does not require eyewitnesses to have a good recall of an offender’s face, unlike traditional “feature” methods. Face construction is also effective when an offender is seen for a short time (seconds) or is wearing a face covering (e.g., mask, sunglasses).

Our clients, including police forces and security companies, say that the system is quicker to use than traditional methods, saving time. Police forces have also preferred EvoFIT to other recognition systems.


We run comprehensive training courses including assessment as well as shorter conversion courses. We also provide annual training for EvoFIT practitioners as part of CPD


The EvoFIT Team have considerable expertise with face construction (for EvoFIT and other systems) in criminal investigation. We offer a free trial of the software


Considerable research and police field trials have shown that EvoFIT outperforms computerised composite systems. While EvoFIT procedures are mature and effective, 10 PhD research projects are working to improve the process further

Case Studies

In police field trials, EvoFIT produces composites with a suspect identification rate of around 60% compared to around 5% from ‘feature’ systems. (A published forensic report is available here.)

Powerful new EvoFIT technology helps catch rapist

Asim Javed (right) was convicted of the serious sexual assault of two students in Manchester. The EvoFIT (right) was constructed seven days after the attack by the latest victim, and this image was repeatedly identified as the offender. Javed received an indefinite prison sentence.

“Evofit is easy to use and has worked well to help us identify offenders. It gives a very good image quality and the customer support from the company is excellent”

Derbyshire Police

“A quality product with images that are so good a potential offender handed himself into the police for a serious offence”

Devon and Cornwall Police

“Even though it was initially explained that the composite is more like a drawing, at the end the victim exclaimed ‘It’s him!’ (She thought that the composite is the real photo of the offender)”

Feedback from a police practitioner

“Not only are we catching criminals faster, it [Evofit] is saving us thousands of pounds in terms of resources for investigations by providing that all-important name”

Lancashire Police

“The system is very user friendly, and there have been good results. The quality is fantastic”

Humberside Police

“New photofit system developed by UCLan is a ‘revelation”

Lancashire Evening Post

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