EvoFIT has a suspect identification rate of about 60% – approximately 10 times higher than traditional methods used to construct faces

It is the result of over 25 years of intensive research, leading to a system with more than 50 peer-reviewed technical papers and police field trials – together providing evidence for its effectiveness.


EvoFIT is a recognition-type composite system. After an initial interview, witnesses select from screens of faces, to evolve a composite, and then refine the likeness using whole-face (holistic) and feature tools. It was co-designed by Charlie Frowd, Professor of Forensic Psychology (other designers). EvoFIT substantially outperforms previous facial-feature type methods to identify criminal suspects. The system, plus associated interview protocols, has been shaped by extensive R&D to maximise correct identification.

In a recent audit, EvoFIT has been used by 26 police forces in 11 countries and has helped with over 2,500 criminal investigations…

Charlie Frowd


Business Development


System Development


Project Administrator

“Evofit is easy to use and has worked well to help us identify offenders. It gives a very good image quality and the customer support from the company is excellent”

Derbyshire Police

“A quality product with images that are so good a potential offender handed himself into the police for a serious offence”

Devon and Cornwall Police

“Even though it was initially explained that the composite is more like a drawing, at the end the victim exclaimed ‘It’s him!’ (She thought that the composite is the real photo of the offender)”

Feedback from a police practitioner

“Not only are we catching criminals faster, it [Evofit] is saving us thousands of pounds in terms of resources for investigations by providing that all-important name”

Lancashire Police

“The system is very user friendly, and there have been good results. The quality is fantastic”

Humberside Police

“New photofit system developed by UCLan is a ‘revelation”

Lancashire Evening Post

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