Professor Charlie Frowd has over 20 years’ experience of composite system development, composite research, interviewing and composite-image enhancement, police training, and working with witnesses and victims to produce facial composites for criminal investigations.

Charlie is also an expert on face recognition and has published extensively (see Research). This means that he’s very familiar with investigative procedures and facial composites systems — sketch, feature and EvoFIT.

The EvoFIT system is easy to use and effective. However, as police resources can be limited, we offer a composite service. If you are a police officer or police staff and would like a field trial of EvoFIT, please click the button Contact us below

Charlie and one of the team are available to work with witnesses and victims of crime to produce a composite in criminal investigations, instead of involving a composite-trained officer. Depending on the particular circumstances, a composite can be constructed at a police station or at a witness home. Remote interviewing procedures are also used where appropriate. The team are able to produce the necessary (MG11) statements for court purposes in the UK.

Advice from the EvoFIT team is available on any aspect of face construction, from initial interview, system choice, methods of image circulation, to use of enhancement techniques.

Here are some of our previous projects.

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