Successfully used by police forces around the world

Often, the only evidence of an offender’s identity is in the memory of an eyewitness. EvoFIT not only helps these eyewitnesses recover their memory of an offender’s face, but it also assists police investigations by proving very high suspect arrest rates.

EvoFIT benefits include:

  • Proven to promote ten times better naming rates than traditional systems, providing an effective investigative tool for policing
  • Seamless transition from your current system to EvoFIT
  • Easy to use system that also produces the new enhanced animated-composite format
  • Twenty holistic tools to enhance the overall likeness — age, weight, masculinity, honesty, health, threatening and feature scales
  • System is effective when witnesses’ face recall is poor
  • A varied range of over 60 face databases available, for construction of offenders from different races, gender and ages
  • Ongoing training, support and software updates